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it is time to have all fuel suppliers in one place

Jet fuel supply is a priority for each airline by achieving four key items : Quality of fuel supply Safety of fuel supply Best jet fuel prices Appropriate payment terms Currently, airlines are arranging a fuel contract by making direct annual contracts with the fuel suppliers at each airport directly or through flight support services, FBO or the Handler.The advantages of participating in this platform Save a lot of time by getting the prices of jet fuel at any airport directly, which eliminates any bid or request a quote and wait for the result. Increase the income of the operator through the possibility of marketing their services through this platform at competitive prices. The credibility of this project is through the acceptance by several international organization, especially MEBAA. An evaluation of the quality of the services provided by each operator, which contributes to the development of the level of services provided in each airport. It is the best solution for emergency landing or any incidence of delay or emergency by any jet fuel supplier, wherein the captain can go through the mobile application where multiple options are available to procure fuel with payment options and after consideration fuel can be procure through the program.